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    Bulb Holder/ Lamp Holder

    Bulb Holder/ Lamp Holder

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    • Lamp holder is an electrical device for holding the light bulb or lamp.
    • Device is used to hold and connect a light bulb to an electrical circuit. The main functions of a lamp holder include:
    • Supporting the bulb: The lamp holder provides a secure platform for the light bulb to be screwed in or inserted into place.
    • Electrical connection: The lamp holder contains contacts that make electrical connections with the base of the light bulb. These contacts allow electricity to flow from the electrical circuit through the lamp holder and into the bulb, powering it.
    • Safety: Lamp holders are designed to ensure safe and secure connections between the light bulb and the electrical wiring.
    • Holder has various names such as: light bulb socket, light bulb holder, light socket, lamp socket or lamp holder.


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