Hartley’s Rotatable Optical Disc

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  • Disc Size: 230mm diameter
  • Used for exploring the various concepts of optics involving reflection and refraction using ray tracing technique. Device comes with a metal disc,30cm in diameter, painted white.
  • Top with clamping assembly at its underside for mounting it on a vertical support rod in either of horizontal or vertical plane and is rotatable about its axis.
  • A rotatable disc attached in front of collimating lens provides option of single, double, triple or quadruple slits for range of experiments.
  • All optical elements provided with powerful magnets at their bottom for placing them securely on the disc in either of horizontal or vertical disc position.
  • The bottoms of all refractive components are frosted to minimize internal reflections and revealing the path of light as it passes through.

Instrument Name: Hartley’s Rotatable Optical Disc