Induction Coil Spark 5mm

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  • Useful for the demonstration of characteristics associated with high voltage phenomena such as with Geissler tubes, spectrum analysis tubes.
  • This traditional induction coil is capable of producing a spark length of up to 30mm with an input of 6-8V DC and is therefore ideal for use with vacuum tubes, eudiometers, etc.
  • A fully adjustable trembler system is incorporated and spark suppression capacitors are housed in the base Rhumkorff commentator allows primary current to be both reversed and switched ON/OFF with make-and-break point.
  • A pair of pointed electrodes is supplied with the instrument, the pointed electrodes having an insulating handle for adjustment of the spark gap. Low voltage input is provided via a pair of baseboard mounted color coded 4mm sockets.

Instrument Name: Induction Coil Spark 5mm