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    Filter, Tip Racked Microliter Sterile

    Filter, Tip Racked Microliter Sterile

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    • Style: Pipette Tips
    • Size: 0.1-10µl
    • Gilson No: F171103
    • PIPETMAN® DIAMOND Sterilized Filter Tips are designed to fit your PIPETMAN perfectly and play a critical role in preventing aerosol-born contamination.
    • They deliver accurate and precise pipetting when used in conjunction with Gilson pipettes.
    • Microliter tips are small, disposable laboratory tools used for dispensing precise amounts of liquid in the microliter range.
    • They are used in conjunction with pipettes, which are devices used to transfer liquid from one container to another with high accuracy.
    • Tips are precision molded for an air-tight fit.
    • Sterile tubes, sterilized by irradiation, Transparent.
    • Improved flow dynamics ensures smooth flow of sticky liquids.


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