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    Reagent Bottle NN w/Screw Cap

    Reagent Bottle NN w/Screw Cap

    SKU/Code                                               SIZE

    0712-0213 / 582130                   250ml

    0712-0186 / 582140                   500ml

    0712-0164 / 582150                 1000ml


    • Brand Name: Tarson
    • Consumable Type: LDPE-Low Density Polyethylene Plastic.
    • Lid Type: Screw Cap
    • Bottle Neck: NM-Narrow Mouth
    • Complies with IS 1388 (Part I), ISO/DIN 4796 (Part I).
    • low density Polyethylene Plastic used.
    • Provided with Cap to avoid vapors
    • Smooth Grinding surface to avoid leakage and dripping.
    • These bottles are mechanically strong and chemically resistant.
    • Pouring rings and screw caps can be sterilized.


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