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    Barometer Aneroid

    KWD 15.000

    Barometer Aneroid

    KWD 15.000

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    • Aneroid Barometer is a scientific instrument that is used to measure atmospheric pressure (with the change of the distance below and above sea level). It is also names as barometric pressure.
    • Barometer is kept at the same level and can measures easily the pressure changes by weather and different causes of weathers.
    • Measuring air pressure using these instruments the usage of liquid is not required.
    • The instrument is designed with a small metal box named as Aneroid cell (Capsule) it is designed from alloy of Beryllium and Copper.
    • This expansion and contraction procedure drives mechanical levers i.e. the tiny movements of this capsule are amplified and are displayed on the screen of measuring barometer.
    • It is also used in different meteorology, in barographs and to create pressure in radiosonde.
    • Aneroid barometer is highly a sensitive instrument and can be used to record small changes in pressure.


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