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Bottle Reagent, Clear, NM-Narrow Mouth

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  • Glassware Type: Borosilicate Material
  • Lid Material: Glass Type
  • Bottle Neck: NM-Narrow Mouth
  • Complies with IS 1388 (Part I), ISO/DIN 4796 (Part I).
  • Provided with Cap to avoid vapors
  • Smooth Grinding surface to avoid leakage and dripping.
  • These bottles are Mechanically strong and Chemically resistant.
  • Uniform walls thickness, makes these glassware best in heating purpose.
  • Excellent for storing liquids or powders.
  • Ideal for use with light-sensitive media and for long-term storage of substances.

    Glassware Name: Bottle Reagent, Clear, NM-Narrow Mouth,Glass Stopper