Cloth Rubbing Wool

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Size: 300mm x 300mm

  • The cloth rubbing wool is used to perform the static electricity experiment.
  • A cloth rubbing wool is used for rubbing against different materials, such as glass, plastic, balloon, wax.
  • Wool cloth is used to demonstrate experiments for balloon and wool cloth.
  • When rubbing a balloon with a wool cloth, the balloon captures electrons from the wool, leaving the balloon with a negative charge and the wool with a positive charge.
  • If both balloons are rubbed with wool, they will both have same charge (negative) and therefore will repel each other. When you spray water near the balloons.
  • The water droplets carry the charges away from the balloons, leaving them uncharged. As the balloons become neutral, they will fall back together.

Instrument Name: Cloth Rubbing Wool