Dynamic Trolley Pair

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  • The instrument is designed as a pair of 3 ball bearing wheels wooden trolleys with a length of 300mm.
  • This device is an excellent tool to study different physics concepts such as force, motion and friction.
  • It is also used in exploring Newton’s Motion, the concept of conversation of momentum and elastic collision of objects in one dimension.
  • The ball bearing wheels are used to minimize the friction and spring loader plunger with 2 different levels of spring compression. These functions can be activated by the knobs available on the top of these paired trolleys.
  • Tough laminated surface is designed above the trolley that helps to place additional masses it helps to increase the weight of the trolley. Velcro pasted at the back end of each trolley enable the study of inelastic collisions.
  • A spring loaded rod is fixed in these trolleys to enhance impulses when released.
  • Whereas there are 2 different slots designed for spring compression. Moreover the trolleys are having removable pins attached on the top of this device for stacking trolleys on top of each other.

Instrument Name: Dynamic Trolley Pair