Earth Worm Model

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Earth Worm Model


Model Name: Earth Worm Model

Base Dimension: 15 x 9 x 28cm

Color: Multi-colored sections


  • The 3D “Earth Worm Model” displays the detailed structure, which is used to study easily internal portion of a worm.
  • The model includes removable parts which makes convenient for medical professionals for studying.
  • Whereas Identification Key Card includes (key functions Mouth, Buccal Cavity, Pharynx, Sperm-thecae, Aortic Arches, Esophagus, Crop, Gizzard, Intestine, Dorsal Blood Vessel, Setae, Cuticle, Lymph Gland, Vas Deferens, Ovary, Oviduct Funnel, Testes and Seminal Vesicle).