Human Excretory System

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Human Excretory System Model


Model Name:Human Excretory System


  • This “Human Excretory Model” is designed to study in detail the working procedure of a human excretory system.
  • The disected Kidney is displayed from both sides front and back to study the anatomy.
  • Whereas Identification Key Card includes (key functions Adrenal Gland, Extremitas Superior, Facies Anterior, Margo Lateralis, Extremitas Interior, Artery Renalis, Vein Renalis, Calyces Renales Majores, Calyces Renales Minores, Medulla Renis, Tunica Muscularis, Tunica Mucosa, Trigonun Vesice, Urethra and Ostium Urethrae Externum).