Human Larynx Model

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Human Larynx Model


Model Name: Human Larynx Model

Base Dimension: 19 x 7.5 x 22cm


  • The 3D “Human Larynx Model” displays the detailing structure of dissected Larynx which is used to study the internal portion.
  • The model includes removable parts which makes easier for medical professionals to study in details.
  • Whereas Identification Key Card includes (key functions Hyoideum, Cornu Minus Ossis Hyoidei, Cornu Superius Cartilaginis Thyroidea, Cartilago Thyroidea, Ligamenta Ceratocricoideum Anterius, Ligamenta Ceratocricoideum Medium, Incisura Thyroidea Superior, Ligamenta Thyroid Medianum, Thyroid Gland, Epiglottis, Cartilago Cricoidea (Lamina), Cornu Majus Ossis Hyoid, Membrana Thyrohyoid, Cartilago Arytenoidea, Cornu Inferius Cartilaginis Thyroideae and Trachea).