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Micro Tips Universal Graduated

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  • Style: Bulk, Tip Shape: Pointed Needle
  • Tarsons No: 521050 Clear, 521014-Y, 521014 Clear, 521016 Clear
  • Macro Pipette tips is suitable for general lab pipetting tasks in larger volumes.
  • Macro pipette tips manufactured from high grade, virgin, metal-free polypropylene and are precision molded for an air-tight fit.
  • Pipette tips fit most popular micropipettes and pipettes.
  • Sterile Tips are Pyrogenic Free.
  • Tarsons tips are manufactured from Medical Grade Resin. This ensures high quality products only.
  • Improved flow dynamics ensures smooth flow of sticky liquids.
  • Tarsons ensures no coating and extremely Hydrophobic surfaces for your samples.

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Consumable Name: Micro Tips Universal Graduated