Set of Metals & Alloys Specimen

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Set of Metals & Alloys Specimen 24 PCS


Specimen Name: Set of Metals & Alloys Specimen

 Size: 24-Pcs Metal & Alloys


  • Set of Metals & Alloys Specimen samples collected by Geologist demonstrate students the nature of the Rock.
  • Labeled key card is included in box to differentiate the Metals and Alloys.


Aluminium(Al), Antimony(Sb), Bismuth(Bi), Copper(Cu), Cadmiun(Cd), Iron(Fe), Nickel(Ni), Magnisium(Mg), Lead(Pb), Sulphur(S), Tin(Sn) and Zinc(Zn).


Bronze, Tin-Solder, White Metal, Brass, Type-Metal, Stainless-Steel, Gun-Metal, Bell-Metal, Pig-Iron, Aluminium, Acevmulator and German-Silver.