Flower Dissection Model

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Flower Dissection Model


Model Name: Flower Dissection  Model

Base Dimension: 17″ x 8″ x 13

Color: Olive Green center & Fresh Yellow Petals


  • The 3D “Flower Dissection Model” displays the enlarge size of a typical flower to study in detail the structure of a flower.
  • The model includes highly detailing of removable parts.
  • Whereas Identification Key Card includes (key functions Pedicel, Thalamus, Calyx (Sepals), Carolla (Petals), Nectary, Stamen, Filament, Antherlobe, Ovary, Ovule, Style, Stigma, Pollen Grain, Pollen Tube, 1st Male Gamete, 2nd Male Gamete, Female Gamete (Oosphere), Synergids, Secondary Nuclei, Antipodals, Embryo Sac. and Nucellus).