Human Dual-Sex Torso Model

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Human Dual-Sex Torso Model


Model Name: Human Dual-Sex Torso Model

Dimension: 90cm


  • This 3D “Human Dual-Sex Model” is an excellent displayed model to study Human anatomy in detail.
  • The model is greatly enlarged in size.
  • This model is designed with removable parts to study human body in detail.
  • There are total 70 labelled organs mentioned in the key card, makes convenient for medical professionals.
  • Whereas Identification Key Card includes (key functions includes:

Skull, Fossa, Olfactory Nerve, Foramen Magnum, Cerebral Hemisphere, Corpus Callosum, Mid-Brain, Cerebellum, Pons, Frontal Lobe, Parietal Lobe, Temporal Lobe, Occipital Lobe, Eye Ball, Eye Muscle, Conchae, Tongue, Teeth, Submandibular Gland, OS Hyoideum, Membrana Thyrohyoid, Cartilago Cricoides, Thyroid Gland, Cartilagines Trachealis and Heart etc)