Human Pregnancy Model

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Human Pregnancy Model Set


Model Name: Human Pregnancy Model


  • This 3D “Human Pregnancy Model” is an excellent displayed model to study Human Pregnancy and its different stages in detail.
  • The model is greatly enlarged in size, makes it more professional to study in details.
  • This complete model contains set of 8 pregnancy stages/models attached on a stand, displays different development durations of human.
  • Whereas different stages includes:
    1. Stage 1: Uterus with one month Embryo.
    2. Stage 2: Uterus with two months Embryo.
    3. Stage 3: Uterus with three months Embryo.
    4. Stage 4: Uterus with four months Fetus in Ventral Position.
    5. Stage 5: Uterus with five months Fetus in Breech Presentation Position.
    6. Stage 6: Uterus with six months Fetus in Transverse Position.
    7. Stage 7: Uterus with twin five months Fetuses.
    8. Stage 8: Uterus with seven months Fetuses.