Human Tooth Model set of 5

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Human Tooth Model Set of 5


Model Name: Human Tooth Model Set of 5


  • This 3D “Human Tooth Model” displays detailed structure of 5 different types of teeth models.
  • The model is greatly enlarged in size, each model is displayed on its own stand.
  • Each teeth model contains a name label, makes it easier for study and memorizing.
  • Human Tooth Series:
  1. Lower Incisors
  2. Lower Canine
  3. Lower Single-Root Pre-Molar
  4. Lower Twin-Root Molar
  5. Upper Three-Root Molar
  • Whereas Upper Three-Root Molar contains Identification Key Card (key functions Enamelum, Dentinum, Cavum Dentis, Cementum, Canalis Radicis, Dentis and Radix Dentis)