Mass Set w/Hanger 200gm

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  • Size: 200gm
  • The combination of slotted masses and mass hanger allows a student to quickly create any desired amount of mass, to use in experiments involving force, acceleration, and mass.
  • When the four 200 g Masses are placed on the center post of the 200 g Mass Hanger, the total mass is one kilogram (kg).
  • The Mass Hanger has a hook at the top that allows it to be suspended on a string or cord.
  • The mating clips at the top of the Mass Hanger enables more than one hanger to be stacked together.
  • Die casted zinc slotted weights set, 200g total with hanger hook.
  • Powder coated grey color.

Instrument Name: Mass Set w/Hanger 200gm