Human Respiratory with Heart Model

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Model Human Respiratory with Heart


Model Name: Human Respiratory System with Heart

Color: Natural Human Organs Color


  • This “Human Respiratory System with Heart” is designed to study in detail the working process of a human respiratory system along with the Heart.
  • The model is greatly enlarged in size.
  • Whereas Identification Key Card includes (key functions Cerebrum, Thalamus, Cerebellum, Pons, Frontal Sinus, Sphenoidal Sinus, Conchae, Opening of the Eustachian-tube, Vestibule, Tonsil, Tongue, Oropharynx, Larynx, Vocal Cord, Trachea, Heart, Lungs, Superior Lobe, Middle Lobe, Inferior Lobe, Bronchus, Spleen and Diaphragm)