Mitosis Model 10 Steps

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Mitosis Model 10 steps


Model Name:Mitosis Model – 10 Steps

Color: Pink color with Cream color Inner Layer


  • The 3D “Mitosis Model” displays detailed structure of Mitosis.
  • The model is greatly enlarged in size, shows different 10 stages of Mitosis.
  • The painted section makes easier to study the structure of plants in detail.
  • The model shows different phases and in the end the “Daughter Phase” is also displayed.
  • Whereas “Sets of 10 Models” includes: (Let to Right)

(Interphase Cell, Early Prophase, Mid Prophase, Late Prophase, Metaphase, Early Anaphase, Late Anaphase, Early Telophase and Late Telophase)

  • Whereas Identification Key Card includes (key functions includes Centrosome, Chromosome, Nucleolus, Nucleolus, Cytoplasm, Cell Membrane, Aster, Centromere, Chromatids, Chromosomal Fibers, Continuous Fibers, Interzonal Fibers, Spindle, Astral Rays and Nucleolus)